Industrial Clusters under FTI

Automotive Cluster

Auto Parts, Automotive.

Petrochemical Cluster

Chemical, Petrochemical, Plastic, Petroleum Refining

Construction Materials Cluster

Granite and Marble, Glass Manufacturers, Chemical, Ceramic, Biotech, Thailand Fellow Ship of Cement Manufacturer, Plastic, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications and Allied, Thai Panel Product, Wood Processing, Roofing and Accessories, Thailand Iron and Steel, Aluminum.

Engineering Machinery and Metal Work Cluster

Agricultural Machinery Manufactures, Machinery & Metal Work, Shipbuilding Repairing and Steel Construction, Electrical Electronics Telecommunications and Allied, Foundry, Thailand Iron and Steel, Aluminum.

Health & Beauty Products Cluster

Cosmetics, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Herbal, Medical and Health Device Manufactures, Dietary Supplement.

Environment Friendly Energy Cluster

Environmental Management, Power Producer, Renewable Energy.

Fashion & Lifestyle Cluster

Garments, Cosmetics, Dietary Supplement, Footwear, Textile, Leather Based, Creative Craft, Gem and Jewelry.

Natural Rubber and Rubberwood Cluster

Rubber-Based, Furniture, Thai Panel Product, Wood Processing.

Printing and Packaging Cluster

Printing and Packaging, Glass Manufacturers, Plastic, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing.

Electrical Electronics & Air-Conditioning Cluster

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration, Electrical Electronics, Telecommunications and Allied, Rubber-Based, Plastic.

Food Processing Cluster

Environmental Management, Plastic, Renewable Energy, Printing and Packaging, Chemical, Agricultural Machinery Manufactures, Biotech, Sugar, Palm Oil, Renewable Energy, Pulp and Paper, Food Processing.