FTI Service Organization


  • To provide certification services namely “Made in Thailand”
    for products of FTI members and entrepreneurs so as to
    enhance competitiveness and gain benefits from government
    procurement projects.
  • To organize events such as trade exhibition / expo for
    promoting the trade opportunities to FTI members and
    entrepreneurs to participate in, to sell products and explore
    trade partners and business networks.
  • To promote the use of e-commerce platform, with a focus
    on developing B2B and e-business platforms, in line with the
    international standard and easier access by the entrepreneurs.
  • To create platform, either physical or virtual, on Biz Connection &
    Business Matching.
  • To develop the “One-Stop-Service” center for providing
    maximum benefits to FTI members and building knowledge
    of business potential and networks via business matching.


  • To facilitate “fast-track” loan service for FTI members within
    the cooperation framework between FTI and SME Development
  • To provide consultation on investment privileges under BOI
    and taxation.
  • To provide advisory clinic for finance (e.g. loan and accounting),
    via AdvisoryClinic@FTI Connect.

FTI Academy

  • To adopt latest technologies in delivering training courses,
    capacity building initiatives and curriculum development
    (upskill & reskill), both offline and online, in collaboration with
    academic institutes.


  • To cooperate with relevant government bodies, through establishing
    innovation fund to facilitate SMEs and startup, to enable members
    and enterprises to access funds required for extending and
    expanding the commercialization.
  • To work with government agencies, private sector as well as
    academic sector for applying innovation to FTI members.
  • To develop Industrial IoT and Data Analytic Platform (IDA) for
    upgrading Thai industries to Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0, through
    pushing IDA platform, which connects to IoT platform, Big Data
    for industry, and data analytic system for industrial plant, for
    improving production efficiency and seeking best solution to
    energy conservation.
  • To develop self-assessment program for acknowledging current
    status of Thai industries (from IR 1.0 to 4.0) as well as development
    guidelines of Thai industries toward Industry 4.0.
  • To promote and incubate start-up to create innovative works
    to serve ever-changing demands of Thai industries.


  • To promote development of multi-modal logistic platform for
    enhancing efficiency and reducing logistics cost to FTI members,
    through Smart Logistics, Smart Warehouse, and Backhaul
    Matching Platform.
  • To encourage industrial entrepreneurs to upgrade business
    development with application of IT technologies (e.g. Industry
    4.0 and Digital Platform).
  • To provide data services for Thai industries.
  • To organize training for increasing operational efficiency.


  • To focus on production, consumption, and environmental friendly
  • To provide knowledge to entrepreneurs in the following topics :
  • Eco Factory and Water Footprint, together with the issuance
    on the certification of eco factory standard as equivalent
    to Industry Ministry’s Green Industry at Level 4 (GI4).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • To provide consultation related to energy, water and the environment conservation.
  • To develop the Bio-Circular-Green Economy Model (BCG
    Model) for assisting Thai industries, especially in business
    operation under SDG Goals, with particular focus on water
    and the environment.
  • To promote Eco-Industrial Town.
  • To support Thai industries to implement on the principle
    of SDGs.
  • To develop self-certification system for factory operators.